Germany 2011: Wrap-Up

10/04/2011 09:48:00 PM

Just like I wrapped up my Paris posts, I wanted to wrap up my series of Germany 2011 posts with a selection of German deliciousness.  Let's roll.

I sure ate my fair share of pretzels while in Germany!  And my favourite pretzels were from Grimminger bakery.  They're a chain of bakeries, and do The Best Pretzels, ever.  Only 1,50€ and so tasty.  (Their Brötchen were amazing too!) 

Some breakfast pancakes I made one morning: some plain, others with blackberries, blueberries and raspberries.  Yay for cheap and delicious berries!

Next thing I wanted to show you was some halbes Hänchen (or 'half chicken').  We got some Halbe Hänchen and chips for a quick dinner one night, and I was surprised by how much I liked it!
Knusprige = crispy
The skin was gut scharf (very spicy) and crispy, and the meat itself was tender and juicy.  So good!  I have to admit, though, that a halbes chicken is waay too much for me; a quarter is about the right amount.  But Viertel Hänchen doesn't have quite the same ring to it, does it?

Check out the luridly yellow chips. Love it.

In August, Zwetschgen (damson plums) were everywhere!  All the bakeries were selling plum cake, plum crumble buns, and all sorts of plum goodies.  We can't get damsons in Australia (those of you who remember my How to Eat project will remember my lack-of-damson depression), so I was really excited to see them everywhere.  Here's a yummy Zwetschgenkuchen from a local bakery: fresh plums on a yeasted base.

More BBQ goodness!  You can (just) see the braided bratwurst sausage plaits on the right hand side of the grill. Cute!

Straight after the BBQ, I introduced the Germans to the wonders of the Aussie pavlova, generously topped with raspberries.

They all seemed to like it, especially Sandra's little cousin, who'd just done a project on Australia and wanted to learn more about our cuisine.

Next up, some typical German dishes we enjoyed at a small restaurant around the corner from home.  Huge portions, big glasses of beer, what more could you want?
Zigeunerschnitzel und Bratkartoffeln - pork schnitzel with capsicum sauce and fried potatoes

Hackbraten mit Zwiebelsosse - Meatloaf with onion sauce

Wurstsalat mit Bratkartoffeln - Sausage salad with fried potatoes

Schnitzel mit Zwiebelsosse und Bratkartoffeln - Pork schnitzel with onion sauce and fried potatoes
Berries from the garden.  Look how perfect the raspberries are!

And here are some strawberries we bought from the market, which we made into my favourite cake: Erdbeerkuchen.

I love how red and juicy the strawberries were. And how pretty is the cardboard tray?

And just to prove to y'all it was a selbstgebackener Kuchen...

We covered it in Tortenguss glaze and ate it out in the garden with whipped cream.  What a great summer treat!

And that, my friends, completes my final post on my Germany trip!

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  1. You're making me want to run (well, fly) right back to Germany...again! I love their food. Those raspberries are beautiful, the pavlova seems so light and airy next to all that lovely heavy stodgy food, glad they liked it :)

  2. I never visit Germany, but after my look on your website,may be i w'll go there.
    I like german food.
    Tks for the visit.

    creole cuisine

  3. Anonymous5:01 AM

    Hi Sarah, mind sharing where you finally found the Tortenguss? Would love to buy it, too :-).

  4. Anonymous- I was in Germany when I made the strawberry cake, and tortengus is available easily in supermarkets over there. As you haven't given any indication of where you're located, unfortunately I can't give you any tips on where to buy it yourself.



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