Germany 2011

8/09/2011 05:16:00 PM

Hi y'all!

I'm in Germany now, yay!  We arrived early on Saturday morning after a solid 24 hours travelling, and have been having a really relaxing time staying with Sandra's family in Lampertheim.  We'll be here for a whole month, doing a couple of daytrips, and making a sneaky trip to France in the middle.  I can tell you, I'm really appreciating the quiet time after a super-busy few weeks at work!

I plan to keep blogging while over here, (Germany's internet is super fast and cheap - jealous!), and for now I just wanted to share a few photos of our first few days here.  Enjoy!!!

xox Sarah

In my first few days in Germany, I've been walking in the parks, enjoying the sunshine and frische Luft...

... enjoying a few stück of Kuchen...
Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte

... and some frische Himbeeren... (despite the cooler-than-average summer, berries are so plentiful and cheap!)

I've also been treated to some wunderbar homestyle cooking.  Below we have Rindfleisch braten mit Spargel und Kartoffeln!  (Roast beef with white asparagus and potatoes).

I've also been indulging in my love of foreign supermarkets.  Supermarkets here are massive, and AWESOME.  Check out all the cookies! Milka cookies!
I picked up a packet of Milka ChocoMoo, which are plain butter biscuits, shaped like a cow and dipped in Milka chocolate.  So delicious.  They remind me of those Arnott's animal biscuits we used to get when I was a kid.  I have no idea what happened to them; they were so nice!

And I've been drooling over the meat counters.  Look, just look!

And this isn't a proper Metzgerei, or even a large supermarket.  It's just a small, suburban general kinda supermarket that also sells homewares and other nicknacks.  And still, the meat counter looked like this.  It was really hard not to buy everything.

These hefty pieces of meat on pumpernickel were samples.  I did try a lot, but then we also bought a lot, so I think that makes it okay.

And, most importantly, I've been eating loads of bread. German bread! Kartoffelbrot, BretzelnBrötchen, Rosinenbrot und mehr!  I have to keep reminding myself to slow down, that I'm here for a month, and that I don't need to eat all my favourites in one day!

This is Kartoffelbrot, ordinary bread with potato flour in it.  We had it with our Aufschnitt dinner last night.

Clockwise from left: Blackforest Ham, goats cheese, Kochkäse,  Butterkäse, Leoner, Bratwurstfilzl / Mettwurst, salami
Here's the Kochkäse in the pot. Sooo gloopy...

As I've mentioned previously, Kochkäse is a mixture of cheeses, cooked together until smooth and gloopy.  You spread it on bread and sprinkle it with caraway seeds.  It's quite buttery, and absolutely lovely.

The second picture is Bratwurstfilzl / Mettwurst spread on bread with some raw onion.  It is absolutely my favourite German smallgood, in no small part because we can't get it in Australia.  Apparently it's just the raw filling from a Bratwurst sausage, but I don't know if I'd have the confidence to eat them with Australian sausages.  Anyone ever found this in Oz?

With dinner we had also mozzarella (only 40 Euro cents a ball - shut the front door!) with fresh tomatoes from the garden. So sweet!

I have loads of culinary plans while I'm here - including baking with berries as often as possible, and eating loads of Quark, ice-cream, Sahnejogurt, sausages, cake and more!! 

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  1. Good grief - I didn't think anything could be as isolated as where J's parents are in Bad Karlshafen, but Lampertheim may be on par, only slightly bigger! lol. They are both in the state of Hesse.

    Enjoy - and next time, come to Barcelona. ;.)

    If you add fresh basil leaves, olive oil and ground black pepper to the mozarella and tomatoes, that's what we're having for dinner tonight!

  2. Sooooo envious!!! I've spent about six months of my life in Germany and, as a fellow lover of food, feel I need to make sure you try (if you haven't already!):
    - Maultaschen;
    - Kinder Maxi King; and
    - (if you're in the vicinity of Straubing, Bavaria) Agnes Bernauer Torte (
    Have a ball!! :)

  3. Traveltraveltraveltraveltraveltravel!!! Can't breathe, can't wait, can't contain the excitement, go Sarah! Woot!

  4. @nzm - I wouldn't call Lampertheim isolated, hehe! :) It's just kinda a small city! There are loads of even smaller cities just in the vicinity, and it's really close to Ludwigshafen, Mannheim etc.

    Although I must say I find it really interesting that you can drive 15 minutes and be in a different city (with a different dialect). In Melbourne if you drive 15 minutes you'd just be in the next suburb!

    And yup, I plan to eat as many fresh tomatoes from the tree as possible while I'm here, yum yum.

    @Georgia - Ah, thank-you for the tips! Unfortunately we're not going to Bayern, but the first 2 tips can be easily done!!

    @Hannah - YAY!

    xox Sarah

  5. Ah yeah, clearly I meant tomatoes from the VINE, not the tree. :)

    xox Sarah

  6. Have fun! I'm a bit of a lurker on this blog, but as an Australian living in Germany (in Niedersachsen, up near both the coast and the Dutch border), and it's always fun watching other people discover the country. Let's hope the weather improves for your stay!

    (Er, but Ludwigshaven wouldn't be on my list of places to see.)

    And I've no idea why mozarella is so cheap here. But really, the cheese is almost as good as the bread and the cold meat. And the cakes.

  7. Hey Lauren,

    Lol, I only mentioned Ludwigshafen as an indication of how UNisolated Lampertheim is! We actually went there the other day to go shopping in the Weingalerie (big shopping centre).

    It's been quite warm today, yay.

    This is my 3rd trip to Germany, but there's still so much to discover!

    xox Sarah

  8. OMG deli heaven. That's my sort of place. What was your favourite cured meat?

  9. @thanh - definitely the bratwurstfilzl - (raw bratwurst filling) - so delicious on bread with onions!



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