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Magshop and the 'Ultimate Italian Experience'

5/03/2011 01:00:00 PM

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I was lucky to get some awesome gifts for my birthday last week, but Mother's Day is coming up and it's time to start thinking about what to get your mum!  Magshop are currently running a Mother's Day promotion where you could win an amazing trip for 2 to Italy!  All you have to do is subscribe to one of their many titles.  A magazine subscription could be a great gift for your mum: there are titles for every taste, and the gift lasts all year long.

For Mother's Day this year, I'd like to make my mum a delicious Italian meal featuring her favourite ingredients.  My mum loves pumpkin and feta, so maybe a pumpkin and feta risotto, with homemade basil pesto and a rocket salad.

Another option could be homemade pizza.  My mum doesn't often eat pizza at home, so it would be a special treat.  I'd make the dough from scratch, and top it with thin slices of pumpkin and decadent buffalo mozzarella.

Or maybe tagliatelle with roasted cubes of pumpkin, and sage leaves fried in burnt butter.  It's a classic combo, and with the burnt butter sauce, would be a very indulgent meal.

I bet my mum would love any one of these dishes.  I hope you've enjoyed seeing the ultimate Italian experience I'd like to give my mum this year!  What is everyone else doing for Mother's Day?

Don't forget: subscribe now to House & Garden Magazine or to a cooking magazine via Magshop and you could win a trip of a lifetime to Italy!

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  1. Lovin that Aerial shot! Still thiking about your grasshopper pie...

  2. Your mom is in for a treat! Now I have to come up with something more creative for Mother's Day. Do you have a recipe for the tagliatelle? I'd love to try it out
    ~Nancy Lewis~

  3. Adrian - Thanks! Mmm... I had leftovers of the grasshopper pie the next day; so yum!

    Nancy - Thanks! I didn't use a recipe for the tagliatelle, but just chucked it together.

    What I did was to roast small cubes of pumpkin in a little olive oil in the oven until slightly crisp on the outside. I then cooked the pasta, and fried some sage leaves in butter until they were crispy and the butter was all infused with the flavour. Then threw the pasta/pumpkin/sage butter together with some salt and pepper!

    xox Sarah



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