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11/07/2010 05:41:00 PM

And to wrap up my series of posts on Tasmania, I'd love to show y'all some of the other yumminess we enjoyed!

Tant Pout Tant
226 Charles Street
Launceston Tas 7250
Ph: (03) 6334-9884

Tant Pout Tant was a 2 minute walk from our accommodation, and sells a range of delicious pastries, breads and cakes.  They also do cooked breakfasts and good coffee!

On our first morning in Launceston, we popped in for a quick breakfast.  They had a steady stream of customers, buying bread, picking up celebration cakes and so on.
Flat white, caffe latte

Raspberry Brioche

Cherry Danish

Mmm... cream cheese interior
Prices are reasonable, at around $3.50-$4.50 for the pastries.  However, prices are slightly higher if you eat in.  So come to think of it, we could have taken the pastries back to the apartment and eaten them there. Oh well, next time!

The Christmas Hills Raspberry Farm & Cafe
9 Christmas Hills Rd
Elizabethown, TAS 7304
(03) 6362-2186

About an hour out of Launceston is the Christmas Hills Raspberry Farm and Cafe.  As it wasn't raspberry season when we visited, we just had a nice relaxing arvo tea in the cafe.  (This was after the 2nd huge day of driving, when I was in much need of reinvigoration!)

They serve some savouries, and a wide range of raspberry-based desserts - raspberry cheesecake, waffles, pancakes, crepes, scones and more.
Rapsberry latte - Cafe latte served with raspberry syrup and dusted with 'lust dust' - $4
Sandra got a large serve of raspberry waffles (the difference between this and a "small" serve is one extra scoop of ice-cream).  Mega rich and filling!  It was yummy, although it did look like it might have been sitting out for a while, as the ice-cream and cream had already melted a bit when it got to our table.
RASPBERRY WAFFLES - Fresh 'home made' waffles served with homemade raspberry icecream, hot sauce & cream - $12 for a large serve

I had a small serve of crepes, chosen because "it's the one with the most raspberries in it!".  Normally I find cream AND ice-cream together to be a little OTT, but the rich cream was really necessary to cut through the sharpness of the raspberries.
RASPBERRY CREPE - Thin crepe filled with raspberries, served with hot sauce, raspberry icecream & cream - $9.50 for a small serve

Down at the Launceston Seaport, there is a hotel and marina, with some restaurants, cafes and food stores.

31 Seaport Boulevard
Launceston Tas 7250
(03) 6331-0557

Silt (and the nearby "Mud") restaurant came recommended by locals, and had a casual warehouse atmosphere, with service that was friendly, but very slow.  To be honest I found the food very overpriced and not too impressive.  I get the feeling it was recommended to us because it's in a touristy location, not for its food.

I started with oysters, which were delicious and fresh.  I really liked the Japanesey dressing that accompanied it.
1/2 Dozen Oysters "freshly shucked from the East Coast", served natural with ginger, soy and mirin - $15
Chicken Breast Risotto with asparagus and hollandaise - $29
Sandra's chicken risotto with hollandaise was a well-executed but very odd combination.

I was in the mood for something simple, so ordered fish and chips, with grilled fish.
Classic Fish and Chips (grilled), with house-made tartare, thick chips and salad - $31
I was very disappointed by this.  $31 for a few chewy pieces of fish, a small salad and a bowl of chips.  I feel we would have been better off spending a little bit extra and going back to Stillwater or the Black Cow Bistro, or just going to a cheap takeaway for fish and chips.

What I did like about Silt, however, was their desserts! 

Vanilla & pear crème brûlée - w/ tuille biscuits & ginger ice cream $11
Silt serve classic desserts, with little unique twists.  I really liked the rhubarb and apple sponge pudding I ordered, especially with thick lashings of King Island cream.  Presentation was cute too!  I'm pretty sure I could make something similar at home... time to put my thinking cap on!
Rhubarb & apple sponge pudding - w/ ice cream & King Island cream $11

Fish 'n Chips
30 Seaport Road
Old Launceston Seaport
Launceston, Tas 7250
Ph: (03) 6331-1999

On our last day in Launceston, we grabbed some a quick bite on the way out to the airport.  This time, back to the Seaport, but to the more casual fish and chips place.  It sure was nice to sit out on the water and enjoy our food in the sun!  I've actually forgotten the exact prices, but they were on the slightly high side of reasonable.

***EDIT: I found the receipt from the fish & chips place, so I've added in the prices. Yay!***
Oysters with cocktail sauce - $8 for four

Small Chips - $4, 80c for tomato sauce

Crumbed scallops - yum yum - $8 for 5, 80c for tartare sauce
And that, folks, wraps up my Tasmania posts!  Hope y'all have enjoyed them.  We absolutely loved Tassie, and can't wait to make another trip down there, and check out the other parts of the island.

To help me discover Tasmania, Tourism Tasmania generously provided return flights and car hire for the trip.  However, I selected all accommodation, tourist destinations and restaurants personally and visited as a paying customer.

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  1. Wow, looks like you had an amazing time! Some of the pastries look fabulous, I'm just trying to stop drooling over my laptop! Mmmm!

  2. raspberry brioche, raspberry waffle, raspberry crepe!! All those raspberry goodnesses have got me HUNGRY!

  3. all those oysters look delicious! Eating oysters by the sea is one of the best things in life!



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