Magnolia Bakery's Peanut Butter Fudge Brownies

8/22/2010 09:38:00 PM

The title says it all, really. I don't know why I chose to make these, over the zillions of breakfast buns, babkas and Gugelhupfs on my mental to-do list, but when my friend Kristine organised an impromptu going away party, brownies were the first thing that sprung to mind. I wanted to try a new recipe (not that I don't have a huge back-catalogue of brownies!), and these decadent, peanut-butter fudge brownies from The Magnolia Bakery Cookbook fit the bill perfectly.

They have a shortbready base made of ground peanuts, sugar, butter and flour. I forgot to buy peanuts in my after-work trip to the supermarket, so I substituted with the macadamias I already had in the pantry.

The topping is a swirly combo of chocolate brownie mixture, and peanut butter swirl.

The peanut butter swirl has smooth peanut butter, egg, cream cheese and sugar...

Dolloping on the peanut butter...

... and swirling it in.

As soon as it comes out of the oven, you're supposed to dump peanut butter chips on top, but I'm not sure where we can get these here in Oz. I used milk chocolate chips.

I love the pretty swirls you get when you spread them out!

And there it is!

These were a slightly cakier brownie than what I'm used to; ordinarily I prefer a fudgier one. I also really liked the salty touch in the peanut butter swirl. I personally would have liked a thinner biscuit crust, but 2 of my foodie friends who tried them thought the biscuit base was the best part! Oh, and because it was a Magnolia recipe, I immediately halved the sugar - a winning move, as the final prduct was just the right sweetness.

We took half of them to work, and the remaining tray to Kristine's place. (There was also a Tyler Florence coleslaw, courtesy of Su, a delicious bacon and leek quiche, courtesy of Sophia, and some Crust pizza!) I didn't get to the party until 10:20 at night, thanks to a super-late work meeting. So glad my friends saved me some food!!

Edit: 21/09/2013. The recipe for these brownies can be found here.

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  1. Good call on halving the sugar. I do like the sound of salty peanut butter. ps. The world would be a much happier place if we had access to peanut butter chips!

  2. You can buy peanut butter chips (and cinnamon chips mmmm) at USA foods in Moorabbin :)

  3. Anonymous10:22 AM

    Ooh these look yummy!

  4. Oh YUM! that is a alot of brownies. It is a great go away party treat.

  5. mmmmm !!!

    and yes, you can buy cinnamon chips from USA foods, i have some in my pantry!

  6. These look a-mazing, just right for a party, and very American. I wonder if you cooked them for slightly less time if they'd be less cakey?

  7. yum, brownies are always a favourite in my household

  8. I currently have a stash of peanut butter chips in my cupboard, but I bought them in the US. I'm hoarding them like a crazy lady, because I know I can't get more!

    These look so divine, though, that I might be tempted to use them if I made it...

  9. Hey Sarah, as J said you can buy peanut butter chips at USA Foods,
    146 Cochranes Rd, Moorabbin. As well as the cinnamon chips, they also have butterscotch chips (DIVINE) and toffee bits. It's worth a visit - just don't buy any maple taffy, because you will consume it all within five minutes of tasting it...yum.
    Those brownies look pretty awesome too BTW.

  10. Those brownies look insanely indulgent and delicious. I reckon the macadamia base would be delicious too.

    You're such a hard worker as well, I'm sure they'll recognise your hard work soon and promote you to Butter Queen :-)

  11. This looks amazing Sarah! Oh yeh on halving the sugar, I've been doing that for the past couple of times on some other recipes.
    Your brownies look amazing!!!

  12. Thank you all for your comments!

    And thanks J, Shellie and Jane B for the peanut butter chip tips!

    Laura - I think I may have slightly overbaked one of the trays - the peanut butter swirl still looks uncooked when, in fact, it is cooked! A learning for next time. :)

    Thanh and Ling - still have a piece for you both in the freezer.

    xox Sarah

  13. Whee oh MIGHTY Sarah! Thank yewwwwwwwwwwww, I canNOT wait :-D x0x0

  14. Mmm-mmm. I had the last piece last night. So good! Still really love that shortbready base. Party in the mouth :)



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