6/30/2010 10:30:00 PM

Ladies, would you like to take a bite out of R-Patz?

I'll come out and say it - I'm not into Twilight. I haven't read the books, and was forced to watch the first 2 films. Forced, I tell you! It happened like this. For some reason, a few of my friends quite like Twilight. (They say they like to laugh at it, but I'm not so sure, hehehe). One fine morning last week, I logged into Facebook only to see that my friends had decided to get together and watch the first 2 films back to back, and Sandra had offered up our place as the venue! This event was TWINIGHT.

Oh well... if you can't beat them... bake cupcakes! Vampire cupcakes. Edward Cullen cupcakes. You'll see that my little babies are a bit rough and ramshackle, but I won't apologise for that. Sugarcraft and fondant will never be my strength, and I can never see the point of making something that looks pretty, but totally inedible. And anyway, I think these little imperfect dudes are cute!

To fit in with the vampire theme, I made red velvet cupcakes, with cream cheese icing. The red represents blood, the cream cheese icing represents R-Patz' pasty skin. I used Schokorapsels for his hair, piped chocolate eyes, and used teeth lollies for fangs. If you look closely, you'll see I dusted all the cakes with edible glitter in "hologram disco white". And that's dedication, people!

Timmy K was charged with the dubious task of renting both Twilight and New Moon from Blockbuster. He excelled at this task, and also borrowed Robsessed - Oh no you didn't! - which is one of those cheaply made British "documentaries" that combine stock footage of Robert Pattinson with interviews of magazine editors and drama teachers that may or may not have a tenuous link with R-Patz himself.

And he also brought us this poster... wow.. I'm just speechless.
Haha, I love it how they don't even try to hide that they're promoting How to Be as a film with the guy from Twilight! A lot funnier, and less depressing, than the fact that Wuthering Heights is now sold as "Edward and Bella's favourite book". *Bangs head against a wall*.

But back to the films. I was decorating the cupcakes while they watched the first one, and was on my computer for the second film, so I'm not entirely sure of the "storyline", but I'm pretty sure it goes something like this.

Girl who never smiles moves to shady town. Meets hot, but pale guy. Finds out he's a glittery vegetarian vampire. Er... and that's all I can remember from the first one. But they definitely get together. And she still doesn't smile.

Second film - I think the vampire's moved away from the town or something. Her dorky long-haired friend cuts his hair, and is suddenly BUFF. He takes off his shirt at every available opportunity to reveal new tanned and ripped abs and pecs. No-one complains. She still doesn't smile. Vampire comes back at the end of the film, goes to Rome I think? Takes his top off to reveal pasty chest and plans to expose his glittery self in front of a bunch of red-robe wearing religiousy types so that Tony Blair-vampire will kill him. Girl is also in Rome for some reason, and runs across the piazza in slow motion and pushes him back into the shade, thus averting crisis. Not sure if they get back together at the end of this one?

Credits roll.

Now that that's out of the way, let's have a closer look at these cupcakes!

Pointy fangs. I sliced the tooth lollies into individual teeth, and squished the ends to get them pointy and fang like.

Crazy-town red. So much red food colouring!

So bright!

I halved the recipe, which made 12 cupcakes with some leftover batter. With the extra, I made mini heart-shaped cakes, and very clumsily decorated them with melted chocolate.

Are you team Edward?

Or team Jacob?

I love the contast between white icing and red cake. One day I'm going to do the full-sized red velvet cake - 3 layers smothered in white icing, for dramatically pretty slices. Any takers?

Sandra ate the below cake, and she was super happy that it looked like a heart under "JACOB".

A whole plate of Edward Cullen cupcakes...

To anyone who's heading out to see Eclipse at midnight tonight, enjoy!! I think I'll stay in and finish off the last cupcake instead.

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  1. OMG this is GREAT LOL.. I wish I was there! Team Edward all the way :) Great cupcakes xx

  2. Kristine11:00 PM

    i can assure you all that those cupcakes tasted as good as they looked! jacob was yummier than edward of course:)

  3. Gosh... definitely TEAM EDWARD..okok... I read all the books.

  4. I think I'm in love with you. You got the plot in one. Althogh I would add one part to your New Moon synposis:

    "Vampire boyfriend abandons girl, leaving her just about as devastated as she seemed before he left."

    I also think your Edward cupcakes are a far safer bet for this world, as hordes of middle aged women/mothers are far less likely to obsess about a cupcake than a pale-faced boy half their age.

    (P.S. Totally with you on edible rough-n-ready being better than spotless-inedible-thick fondant.)

  5. Anonymous12:40 AM

    looks a lil bit like 180° pikachus

  6. Karen3:29 AM

    Great idea. I have escaped reading the books or seeing the movies but my daughter has an excuse for being a fan _ she's 12. She could invite a couple of friends over for a "Twilight" fest and we could make these.

  7. Haha these look great! What a fantastic treat to all the twilight fans out there ;-)

  8. TEAM SARAH!!!!
    You are so *bloody* brilliant, I can hardly take it.
    Red velvet!

  9. Ehehehehe love your plot synopsis of the movies. Not a fan myself - the cupcakes look scrumptious though :-D

  10. Sadly I have read the books. Team Edward. As if such a nice sensitive guy exists! *sigh*

  11. I love the look of the red velvet on those cupcakes, way better looking than any of the boys in the movie LOL.



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