Muttis, again

2/25/2010 10:15:00 PM

Brezel und Bier ($4 for the pretzel, $7.50 for the 'Mutti's milk' beer)

Muttis sells hot pretzels and beer. They also make fantastic Austrian food. They rock!

118 Elgin Street
Carlton, 3053
Ph: (03) 9349 5008

Muttis is one of my favourite restaurants at the moment. However, despite their total awesomeness, they don't seem to be that busy.

The first time we went (a Saturday night in June last year), the restaurant area at the back was about three quarters full, whilst the smaller area at the front was just bar space. This time, (again, a Saturday night) the back section was empty, and diners were seated in the smaller front section. From memory there were about 5 tables (including ours) all night. WTF!! Come on Melbournians!

I should say, us 5 tables weren't the only customers; there was a birthday party upstairs as well. Still, it seemed pretty quiet for a Saturday night! I really hope it was just a once off!

We went to Muttis a few weeks ago with our friends Wes & Amanda (or as I like to call them, "Wemanda"), who wanted to try out a nice new restaurant. We got there a bit earlier than them, so had some beer and savoury pretzel to start with.

The little tap with the wooden heart is Muttis Milk, the house brew!

The entrees always sound tempting, but knowing how big the mains are, I have yet to try any. They've also changed up the menu quite a bit since last time, so I have some new dishes to show y'all!

"Zwiebelroastbraten' - tender beef steak, pan seared and served with golden bratkartoffeln, garlic beans and finished in a crispy onion red wine jus - $28

Spicy Austrian beef goulash, home made spätzle and a warm Kaiser roll - $25.50

They seem to have changed their spätzle since last time - it had sliced spring onion rather than chives.

Amanda ordered the chicken dish. How good does it look!
Praprika chicken served on Schupfnudeln (Austrian pasta hand made from potato tossed in butter and poppyseeds) and finished with buttered spinach - $24

I was suffering some serious dish-envy, but couldn't go past the devilishly decadent triple duck.

Triple duck - glühwein poached duck breast, crispy leg of duck, and potato dumpling filled with duck crackling, served with speck and grüner veltliner braised savoy cabbage and lingonberry scented duck jus - $32

There is nothing on that plate that I don't like! The breast was tender and flavourful, the leg was crispy, and the jus was deeply savoury and delicious. And the potato dumpling! Let's look how soft and fluffy it was...

Inside crackly duck dumpling.

Although the dumpling looks small, I thought it was quite enough carby goodness to soak up the sauce. Not so much the gentleman diner at our next table - he ordered a hot pretzel to help him along. Great idea, huh?

No entrees means there is room for dessert! Sandra ordered another savoury pretzel for her 'dessert'. Muttis does, indeed, have a sweet pretzel on their dessert menu, but according to Germans, sweet pretzels are just a bit wrong.

Sadly, Omas Buchteln are no longer on the menu, but they did have some tempting new offerings. They had a version of bienenstich, which I just had to order! (Bienenstich is my favouritest German cake ever, as you may well remember.)

Bienenstich - Honey and whey custard between sweet puff pastry and fresh honeycomb - $13

Muttis' version was a gelatin-set vanilla custard between 2 sheets of puff pastry. Kinda like a mille feuille, I guess! This one, unfortunately, wasn't that great. Whilst the custard was smooth and creamy, the pastry was a bit stale and unpleasant. Oh well!

Amanda ordered the classic apple strudel.
Apple strudel, served with chantilly cream - $12

And Wes had the Black Forest trifle. Wes told me he doesn't normally like trifle, but I like to think that my passionfruit trifle has helped to change his mind, hehe.

Black forest trifle chocolate sponge with jelly, fresh cream, sour cherries, chocolate shavings and a drizzling of schnapps - $12

That tall white thing that looks like a marshmallow was actually a meringue. The whole dessert was a very cute idea, and I think the choc-cherry combination is a total winner.

Overall we had a great night, and despite the slight disappointment with my dessert, were full and happy. I really like Muttis, and I hope it stays around for a good long time. It definitely deserves to!

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  1. you had me at the leg of duck. I'm a sucker for duck confit and will happily have that every single night. YUMM!!

  2. I love Muttis, but unfortunately it is always extremely quiet. I hope they can last :(

    And agreed about desserts... everything on the menu apart from the dessert and pretzels is faaaaaaantastic, so I don't know why that stuff is a let-down.

  3. So this is making me so sad inside. (For the record, I do know Austria and Germany are different countries...) I arrived in Munich last night, first time ever, first time in Europe ever, and after a night of hideous blocked-ear-drum pain I've now lost my sense of taste. All I'd wanted to do was eat pretzels and sauerkraut and these kinds of cakes and *sobs*. Worst ever! *cue melodrama*

  4. Catty - Me too! I LOVE duck. Peking, crispy, roast, confit, leg, breast.... yum yum.

    Miles - That's a shame to hear! Have you been to Koliba on Johnston St? They serve Czech/Slovak food and it's delicious too! (Dumplings, cabbage, goulash... etc).

    Hannah - Oh no! I hope you get better soon!

    xox Sarah

  5. Wemanda. Haven't heard that one before :) Your trifle remains the best I've ever had, easily beating the Muttis one which wasn't rich enough for me.

  6. you've got my stomach rumbling now....those dishes look tasty

  7. It's a puzzle to me why Mutti's is always so quiet. The food is good quality and great value, but I've yet to see it busy.

    The only restaurants that do well on Elgin St are those that have been around for ages.

  8. Oh my I MUST go there - Everything looks so delicious! And that trifle!! Eeeee!!

  9. Duck duck duck, love it. Unfortunately, I also love mille feuille! But I'll definitely put this on my list of places to try, especially as it's right in my neighbourhood!

  10. I'd never even heard of Muttis before reading this review in your blog. I love German food! Haven't been able to find anywhere decent since coming home from Munich a few years ago.
    This is awesome! I can't wait to go there!
    Do you think it might be a child friendly place? It would be so nice to go out for dinner and take our baby with us instead of leaving him home with a babysitter..

  11. Omg triple duck. I want to go to there!

  12. Righto, you have me convinced! It's on my list of places to try. :D

  13. def on my list. so near my house too!! thanks sarah!

  14. Wes - Thank-you! You must let me make trifle for you again :)

    Annie - Thank-you!

    Hookturns - I just went again last night and it was much busier! The food has actually improved as well, so I think it's well worth another visit too. :)

    Esz - Ditto what I said to Hookturns - new menu, even better food!

    Vee - Have you visited yet?

    Emma - I definitely think it's a child-friendly place. It's a bit dark and noisy, but the service is very friendly and it's quite spacious so there'd be room for a stroller.

    Laura - When are you coming to Melbourne? :)

    Agnes - Have you visited yet?

    retireddramaqueen - Let's go together!!

    xox Sarah



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