Happy Blog Birthday!

10/21/2009 03:50:00 PM

Yes my dear readers, today is my little blog's 5th birthday! In all these years of blogging, I've never once done a birthday blog post, so I'm sure you'll forgive me while I gush.

I started little ol' Sarah Cooks some 5 years back, when I realised my food obsession just wasn't going away. At the time, I had a personal blog, The Blog of Sarah, which my friends read. It was one of those typical teenage girl pieces of fluff - pictures of friends at nights out, complaining about uni etc. (It has since been taken down because I stopped updating it). Anyway, after a while my posts started becoming more and more food-related, and I decided I should just stop bugging my friends with my food-obession, and start a proper food related blog. And thus, Sarah Cooks was born.

My very first post was (quelle surprise!) Nigella related - Gooey Chocolate Stack. And since then I've been blogging pretty regularly, a few times a week. I started blogging about food I cooked at home, and most of my readers at the time were my buddies from the old forum.

In June 2006, I started Sarah Discovers How to Eat, my quest to cook all 395 recipes from Nigella's How to Eat in one year. It was a hugely fun project, and I still love that book and return to it regularly.

These days my Sarah Cooks posts are a mixture of food I've cooked at home, baking experiments and restaurant and cafe reviews. I've also made some good friends through blogging and can't see myself stopping any time soon!

Out of interest, here are my top 10 labels and the number of posts I've done about them:

1. Nigella (164 - and no, this doesn't include the 400+ posts from Sarah Discovers How to Eat!)
2. Chocolate (100)
3. Travel (86)
4. Restaurants (83)
5. Cake (69)
6. Melbourne (69)
7. Salad (50)
8. Breakfast (48)
9. German (45)
10. Seafood (43)

I wish I could say that it's an exaggeration that I cook/eat twice as much chocolate as salad (100 vs 50 posts), but there's no point in lying now, haha.

Now, about that cake! I actually made and ate that a couple of weekends ago (definitely not detox-friendly!!) in preparation for today's post. It is a Victoria sponge, filled with hazelnut-infused buttercream, topped with ganache and sugared hazelnuts. I'll blog it in more detail in the coming week, but I need to let you all know that nut-infused German buttercream is my new best friend.

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  1. Happy birthday BLOG and great job Sarah. I wonder how my blog will be in 5 years. It will be good to look back and smile and laugh.
    Must have been one great adventure. Hugs & kisses!

  2. Happy 5th birthday to your blog! After five years you're definitely entitled to a self-indulgent birthday post. Ah, the good old days of Sarah Discovers How To Eat, one of the things that inspired me to start a food blog in the first place :) Good on you for all your longevity, here's to another five years!

  3. wow! 5 years! Happy Blog Birthday!!! Here's to another 5 years!

  4. Happy blogiversary! I'm mighty impressed by the number of travel-themed posts you've made (and remember the mouth-watering detail of your eating in Germany). I've no hope of matching it, unless I start counting visits to south-of-the-river restaurants as 'travel'. :-D

  5. Congrats on reaching such a wonderful milestone! Your blog is sooooo old! :P I wonder if my humble little food blog will reach 5 years!

    That cake looks freakin fabulous! I thought you bought it! Looking forward to the recipe!

    P.S. Not sure if you saw my twitter post, but please post the recipe for the shortbread too!

  6. Wow! Five! happy birthday.What a surprise that chocolate is so popular. I wonder where we'll all be in another five. Keep it up.

  7. Anonymous6:51 PM

    Happy 5th birthday blog Sarah. I always love reading your blog.

  8. Happy Blog Birthday Sarah! Keep up the good work.

  9. A great big happy 5 years birthday to your wonderful bog!! x

  10. Happy blog birthday - 5 years is very impressive! That cake looks AMAZING too.

  11. Thanks everybody! Oh dear, I have so many blogposts to catch up on! Haven't even posted about the cake yet. Aiyo!

    xox Sarah

  12. Sarah! I just came to this post via your current bday post and OMG it sounds like reading MY STORY! Also had a personal blog ( which also had photos of friends and nights out and also started blogging so much about food I decided to start a food blog! Hehehe! Anyway, back to reading your current bday post xx



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