8/30/2009 02:35:00 PM

Hello everyone! Finally, some time to blog! I've been super-busy the past week or so, and unable to work on my beloved little blog. Fear not, dear readers, there are many posts coming up this week, and much cooking planned for the next few weeks. In the meantime, check out this awesome Thermos I bought!

Just last week I was sitting in a Chinese restaurant, eating dumplings and drinking a lot of tea, and thought I to myself, "I could really do with one of these funky silver thermos thingies at work". It would (theoretically) stop me from drinking so much coffee - hah! - and prevent me from having to get up all the time to make tea. (I do drink a lot of tea as well).

Later that week I was out shopping, and noticed that Target were having a 20%-off special on flasks and thermal mugs, and really thought I should buy one.

I ended up choosing this funky brown Thermos-brand thermos, because it looked super retro-cool. It ended up being about $30 - eek! I figured that a proper brand name thermos might last longer and be more reliable than an el-cheapo generic "travel mug". I hope. We'll see.

I must admit I was drawn in by the cute 1950's style label...

It reminded me of the Futurama episode where they (time)travel back to Roswell in the 50's, hehehe.

Ooh... shiny...

I've noticed that shops like Target often have hidden gems, that you'd expect to find at more expensive cookware stores. (I've seen Mario Batali-brand spatulas, teaspoons and chopping boards at another suburban bargain general store, but surprisingly at very few posh cookware stores). Keep your eyes peeled!

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  1. Cute thermos! And good idea, too. I drink soooo much tea at work...I'm sure it uses up a lot of time, all that walking over to the kitchenette, choosing a teabag, letting it steep, checking out the paper while I'm there...might look for one myself :D

  2. Definitely a good buy! I have 1 a lot smaller than yours also by Thermos and paid a lot more compare to you but it last ..... bought a HUGE 1 by Stanley 2 years ago for road trip..... it keeps hot liquid up to 24hrs!.... recently bought another travel mug by stanley for $19 from chef warehouse..... LOVE LOVE it as it keeps my coffee hot for more half of the morning (i take freaking long time to enjoy my coffee as I limit myself to 1 a day) and the best part is I'm able to dismantle every single parts to give it a good clean without miss a spot!



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