Black Bread

3/19/2009 10:47:00 PM

Walking past Bread Top in Melbourne Central... what did I see?
I had to stop, and did a double take. Is that... black bread?

Yup. The laminated sign confirmed it.

I just had to try one, and at just $2, how could I not?

I was nervous, staring at the spookily black roll - would it taste burnt? Was it even real bread? But my adventurous palate was rewarded - they were awesome! It just tasted like regular garlic bread, with a soft interior and crusty outside. Fantastic. After inhaling my roll, we went back inside to buy a couple more for home. You know what they say... once you go black....

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  1. Anonymous5:18 AM

    Mmmm, garlic bread. That's insane looking.

    Oh and hey, once you go Asian, you never go Caucasian...

  2. LOL!

    I'm in there next week so will have a look. Thanks for tip


  3. Wow, first pretzel and now black've got me craving carbs!
    Promise to try these next time I'm near, sounds intriguing.

  4. i have been eyeing this roll everytime i go past! I'm assuming the flavour is not garlicky though, right?

  5. They're totally garlicky, really yummy.

    The other breadtops don't seem to have them yet, so I have to make my way down to Melb Central again to get my supply

    They're apparently very good for you due to the fibre, I'm told.

    xox Sarah

  6. I tried the black bread right after I saw the pics that Sandra posted on FB - I had been eyeing it for a while, I was actually expecting it to taste sort of burnt, but it tasted like bread bread - food colouring?

    Anyway I have seen them at all the Breadtops now...I wonder really whether it is good for the digestive season lol

  7. Adri - *totally* high in fibre, trust me. I think the black colour comes from charcoal? I've used black food colouring before, when I made Halloween cupcakes. Kinda scary looking.



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