The Corner Shop in Yarraville

2/21/2009 08:30:00 AM

The Corner Shop
9 Ballarat St
VIC 3013
(03) 9689 0052

Another month, another road trip to Yarraville to stock up on awesome German sausages from Andrew's Choice. (According to my sources, they make the best sausages in Melbourne "by far".) You may remember Andrew's Choice from posts such as Sauerkraut mit Fleisch und Kartoffelbrei, East end girls and West end cafes, and Abendessen, Wurst, Fleischkäse, Kartoffeln.

Of course, a drive that far requires sustenance, and luckily, Yarraville has an abundance of cafes. We had a quick peep at Hausfrau, but after last time, I wasn't too keen to go back. (And they still had no Bienenstitch - waaah!) Just down the street was The Corner Shop, and it looked like a pretty decent location for a lazy brunch.

I got a cappuccino (as you can see in the top picture). I'm not sure why, but cappuccini always feel more special than lattes to me, which is why I usually get cappucini on the weekends or at restaurants, and have lattes in the morning before work to wake up. Go figure.

I ordered the fresh sardines with capers, wilted spinach, kipfler potatoes and olive tapenade. Oily fish is healthy, and I can rarely be bothered cooking it myself. From memory it was about $15.
Wow! I was so impressed by the dish. Loved the fancy presentation, and the delicious combination of flavours. It was a little oily for me, but remember that olive oil and oily fish are supposed to be inordinately good for you. Dee-licious.

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  1. Anonymous9:15 PM

    these sausages are the best, indeed! I love them. nothing better than a friday dinner with a couple of Andrew's sausages and oven ships! :D

    *this post about sausages has been approved by a German, the highest power in sausage land*

  2. Oh, real sausages.

    This only gives me more motivation to drive.

  3. Have you try going to Caulfield farmers market? There's a booth that sells AMAZING gourmet sausages. I forgot the name, will get back to you later. I still have a packet in my freezer.

    Probably can save you the trip to Yarraville once in a while. Although, your post intriques me to take a trip there..

  4. I absolutely love Cornershop. I'm on my way there now to read the paper over some tomato, spinach, fetta and mushroom on toast. Yum!

  5. i have been going to the cornershop as a regular for sometime now. However i have recently had 3 bad experiences there and will NEVER be returning.

    the first was a hair in my food, which i chose to ignore. the second was a long black thick hair in a my food on another occasion, i sent the food back, no offer of comp. And today, they took 20+ minutes to deliver a coffee my partner had ordered. Our food arrived before coffee! Even after prompting them. When i requested that they remove the cost of the coffee from the bill $58 bill, $2 coffee. They were rude and indifferent, the owner of the shop the rudest of them all. My point to them (which i have experienced at other cafes) is that they made NO attempt to inform us that they were overwhelmed with orders (take aways seem to get priority over regular sit down customers). If they had taken just a moment to communicate with us - there would have been no issue. The owner was like 'we're a cafe, we're busy - get over it'.

    a friend of mine who is visiting from overseas was astounded at how rude they were.

    WILL NEVER GO THERE AGAIN OR RECOMMEND it to any of my friends. And i have previously taken them a lot of business.

  6. Anonymous9:32 PM

    Im really sorry to hear that you have had problems with the food at The Cronershop, I they have a new Manager working there now, so things may be on the straight and narrow, its such a shame because its a great place, and I would hate to see critism for it.



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