Seaside Sunday Outing

12/14/2008 06:19:00 PM

The Pier at Rye Front Beach - love that blue blue water!

Today, we spent a blissfully relaxing morning at the Peninsula Hot Springs, enjoying the thermal pools, the scaldingly hot "orchid" pool, and the funky barrel bath. The barrel bath was my favourite - it's shaped like a barrel (duh), and sits halfway up a hill, overlooking the natural surrounds. All the water in the hot springs, I'm told, is very beneficial, full of minerals, trace elements and health-giving negative ions which infuse the body as you relax and soak. Aaah...

Following that, we made a little trip down to Rye's back and front beaches...

Purple seaweed at Rye backbeach - coool.

... and then stopped for some fish & chips in town. All that detoxifying mineral bathing makes you hungry, don't you know.

Shark Shack Fish & Chips Takeaway
2367 Point Nepean Rd
Rye, VIC 3941

Ordinarily we'd have taken our food down to the front beach to eat, but we were so hungry that we couldn't wait and just ate in.
Shark Shack Pack - fish, chips, dim sim, potato cake - $8.90

Whiting pieces - someone said she didn't want chips.... $5.00

Mine: Flathead tails & chips - $9.50 (tartare sauce $1.40 extra - boo)

I hardly ever have fish and chips, and always think of it as a special seaside treat. I was pretty impressed with the freshness of the fish, but thought it was pretty tight that they didn't automatically give us lemon, forks or serviettes with the food. The serviettes and forks weren't even self-serve; you had to go and ask for them yourself from behind the counter. Conclusion: small gripe, yummy fish.

Seeing as you can't go to the beach without getting ice-cream, we made a short stroll down to Cream for coffee and ice-cream.

2381 Point Nepean Road
Rye, VIC 3941

New York Ice-cream Gelato in a waffle cone $3.80

Cream is a trendy little cafe, serving Jasper coffee, ice-cream made in-house, and Belgian hot chocolates. I nearly ordered 2 scoops, but when I saw the size of the scoop, I decided I just needed one. It tasted good, but wasn't quite cheesecakey enough for me, and a bit rich. I only managed to get through half of it. (I know, me! Can you believe it). I did sneak a little taste of Su's plain chocolate gelato, and it was faabulous. I didn't have a coffee myself, but my sources tell me that Cream's lattes are very good and creamy (get it?!).

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  1. Ooh I want to go to the beach now...I love getting potato fritters AND chips, even though they're essentially the same thing :) love the sound of that detoxifying water!

  2. The more deep fried potato you can get into a meal the better, I say!


    xox Sarah



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