Gimme a cup of coffee!

9/06/2008 06:38:00 PM

One of the best things about having Foxtel (and no, it's not the Food Channel - although that is pretty damn cool), is that my favourite shows, including The Simpsons, Family Guy and Futurama, are screened and repeated almost constantly. (Animation Domination on Fox 8 during the Olympics was awesome; am I right or am I right?)

My absolute favourite program at the moment is Law and Order: SVU. I've recently started to watch this one compulsively, and noticed that these Greek-style takeaway coffee cups seem to appear in every episode. It was only a couple of weeks ago, however, that I realised where I'd seen them before. (Sadly, it wasn't in New York - that will have to be a future trip!) It was in this post on my friend Lisa's blog. La Lovely Lisa has a ceramic version from which she drinks her morning cappuccino. A-ha! As soon as I made the connection, I had to have one for myself, and promptly ordered myself one from Perth store, The Good Store. The only difficulty I had with the website was that I couldn't find any shipping information - they're "a real bricks & mortar shop", and I get the feeling the online shopping is a small part of their overall business. Anyway, a quick email to their very friendly owner solved the mystery, and my fabulous cup arrived in less than a week via Australia Post, as promised. I love it!

As I hardly have coffee at home anymore, I tend to drink chamomile tea out of my beloved cup, but for the echt experience, I think that percolator coffee with sugar and cream is the way to go. I can't remember exactly what I was drinking when I took the above photo, but I see that I had them with some of those tasty malted oat and raisin biscuits I made.

Order your very own NYC cup here.

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  1. In the coffee drinking system, Greek-style NYC coffee cups are considered especially fabulous. In Melbourne, the dedicated men and women who investigate coffee and its related snackfoods are members of an elite squad known as the Melbourne Food Blogosphere. These are their stories.



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