Madeleines au Chocolat et Mousse au Chocolat

8/07/2008 02:25:00 PM

***From the Archives*** As I've mentioned previously, I'm currently going through all my as-yet-unblogged photos in my photo archive.

I see that I made these madeleines and chocolate mousse last year in November. It was the night after my work's Christmas party, and I was hideously hungover. The type of hungover where you feel so ill that you just want to curl up and hide under a doona, but you can't lie down because your head won't stop spinning. What fun. I had invited my cousin over for lunch that day, and by the time I woke up she was already on her way. (It seemed like such a good idea in the middle of the week, to say, "I'll cook cuz, just rock up at midday on Sunday!")

I think I ended up making a panzanella salad - plans for marinated grilled chicken had to be scrapped - and for dessert, chocolate mousse and some chocolate madeleines.

I got the recipes from a Lindt Chocolate brochure. How I love Lindt! Both mousse and madeleines tasted lovely, as expected. Meanwhile, I totally want to go to the Lindt Chocolat Cafe in Sydney - how good does it look!?

In contrast to their amazing creations, check out how lumpy my mousse was! The melted chocolate/butter re-solidified on contact with the cold whipped cream. Oh well, it still tasted good, and I knew my cousin wouldn't mind.

Once I piped the mixture into little containers, it looked decent. Cuz arrived as I was making the madeleines, by which time I was feeling a bit better, thanks to a lot of water and diet coke. The madeleines were an ordinary madeleine mixture with some cocoa, rum and cocoa nibs added for contrasting crunch and smoky cocoa depth. It had a more adult flavour than you might expect from 'chocolate madeleines', and were delicious.

Served with balsamic-marinated strawberries. A great summer dessert.

A-hah! This is the way to eat madeleines au chocolat with mousse au chocolate. First you dunk it...
.... then you Chomp it!

And if coke and water don't help your hangover... then fried food is the only way to go. Later that night, still feeling a little seedy, I headed to a Thai restaurant with some other friends and enjoyed some hot spring rolls and green curry, effectively kicking that hangover to the curb!

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  1. Anonymous10:23 PM

    Nice photo with the strawberries, although your hangover was hurting me. If anyone is interested in learning about the history of Madeleines, check out my link. Thanks for the entertaining blog post.

  2. I have a huge love of madeleines and yours look delicious!
    If you would like it, I have a blog award for you on my site. I have enjoyed yours (both of them!) for quite some time, so out of admiration, it is there waiting for you. I know not everyone likes to participate in these, so if you would rather not take it, I totally understand.


  3. I can't believe you made chocolate mousse and madelines on a hangover! lol. Looks gorgeous though, Lindt is seriously good stuff. And those spring rolls look perfect :)

  4. Thanks Kim! Interesting site.

    Hi Bridgett - Thanks so much! That's so sweet of you. :)

    Laura - Haha I know, I can't believe I went ahead with the lunch anyway, when I should have been curled up with a doona haha. My cousin's pretty awesome though; I couldn't let her down!

    xox Sarah



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