Germany 2007: Schokoladenbrötchen

6/24/2008 11:26:00 PM

Das ist ein Schokoladenbrötchen. Schokoladen = chocolate, brötchen = little bread roll. It's an odd idea, but no less good for that. In fact, I think they're GREAT! I developed a taste for these whilst in Germany - my host father would eat these often, for dessert or a little snack.

To make a Schokoladenbrötchen, you start with a Brötchen. In Australia the equivalent would be a white dinner roll. I got mine for 50c from Baker's Delight. You want something white and soft.

Then, you need the Schokoladen. In Germany I found they had a larger range of thin, brötchen-sized chocolates, but my local Coles had these funky little Furry Friends chocolates, which were just the right size. And, if you head over to the Furry Friends' website, you can learn about Australian animals! Learning and deliciousness.

If Cadbury's too frightfully common for you, I guess you could use a few pieces of Lindt Excellence, which are the right thickness, but then I think you'd be missing out on the point of this snack. So, chocolate-snobbery thrown to the wind, slice your Brötchen lengthwise, place your chocolate inside, and eat. I had the above Schokoladenbrötchen this afternoon with a cup of tea.

At first, I thought it was odd my host father never heated his Schokoladenbrötchen. Melting chocolate in crispy bread sounds like a winner, no? Below we have a toasted Schokoladenbrötchen that I made in Germany. Check out the oozing chocolate...

... which, upon being eaten, proceeded to ooze over my face, my hands, my arms... it was not a good look! And in fact, I realised that I rather like the contrast of soft bread against solid chocolate.

Another variation:

We ran out of Brötchen one night, but still had heaps of regular old Brot leftover from a cold-cut based dinner... and I thought it might be a good idea...
Brot mit Milka Schokoladen. A chocolate sandwich on brown bread. Not the same as the original, but surprisingly still lecker! (Delicious).

I feel that I should just add here that Schokoladenbrötchens - with their high-GI white bread and fattening, sugary chocolate centre - are almost totally bereft of any nutrition. In the interest of health they should not be consumed every day.

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  1. That looks like an interesting concept. I wonder why I never thought of it earlier. I bet if you add a banana to that, it would all taste even better. I always have nutella with banana in bread so I guess using chocolate is not a huge leap. I just never thought the hardness of the chocolate would work well with the soft bread.

  2. My God, that's freaking GENIUS.

    Love your work Sarah! :)

  3. I once had a French flatmate who ate a chunk of baguette filled with dark chocolate for breakfast every day; maybe she's distantly related to your host dad...

  4. It's nothing special here in Germany. You can even get chocolate made to be put on bread rolls. They are thinner and have the perfect size. I loved eating this as a kid!!

  5. Wow. My life has been totally incomplete until this point. The contrast in textures sounds delicious :)

  6. Oh, that looks gorgeous with all that chocolate oozing out! My kind of sandwich :)

  7. Mmmmm! Cadbury's chocolate - it's got to go well with everything, no? I think I like the Furry Friends bar in the roll - just the right thickness I'd have thought... might just go and experiment!!

  8. That's one of the typical afternoon snacks for French kids too, except often with baguette or a longish milk roll.



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