Japan 2007: Snacks

3/25/2008 12:25:00 AM

Cheese-flavoured Curl Sticks. The deliciousness is in the thickness of the stick, don't you know.

Japanese snacks are awesome! Have you been to a Japanese convenience store? They contain a dazzling array of snacks, all in a clean, brightly lit environment. Amazing. I'm not sure if we overdid it on the snacks - from potato chips, to chocolate bars, to biscuits, to drinks and more. I remember that the awesome receptionist at our Kyoto hostel, Nao, gave us a weird look when, in addition to our suitcases, we gave him a massive Supre shopping bag full of Japanese snacks to take to our room.

Nao: U-waah! Sugoi okashi!

Rough translation: Wow! So many snacks!

In our defence, it wasn't a never ending orgy of weird and wonderful snacks every day; we just carried around heaps of snacks in our bags for emergencies - to eat on the train if we got hungry, to have in case we couldn't find a suitable restaurant or the bakeries were closed, whatever. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

A Hokkaido Vanilla ice-cream bar, and a Karamel Monaka ice-cream wafer bar.

More milk chocolate from Meiji. Pretty avo. If you're using expensive and high-quality Hokkaido milk to make your chocolate, why would you ruin it by using vegetable oil instead of 100% cocoa butter? Lindt Milk Chocolate all the way!

Meiji rich Matcha chocolate. Woaaaah! Way too much green tea flavour for me to handle. It was more bitter than sweet!
Supplies for the train. Pizza bread, water, CC Lemon (100 lemons' worth of vitamin C in every bottle), and a salmon nigiri (rice ball).
Wa-hey! Those clever people at McVitie's don't just make digestive biscuits! Accodring to the box, these biscuits are "perfectly suited to wine".
Haha - we just had to buy these. Despite what the packet might lead you to think, it didn't taste at all like Mama's Sauerkraut mit Kassler, but it was still good.

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  1. Anonymous10:15 AM

    great post. I love Japanese Ice Cream. That Monaka is yum.
    Japanese Ice Cream blog

  2. Oh yum, the ice cream bar looks delish. Not sold on Green Tea chocolate though! :)



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