Nigella Express: Pear and Chocolate Pudding

11/04/2007 09:50:00 PM

This is Nigella's Pear and Chocolate Pudding. It comes from the Storecupboard S.O.S. chapter of Nigella Express, which comprises, naturally, recipes that can be made primarily with ingredients that can be kept in the pantry and can thus be made at a moment's notice. This particular pudding contains the usual storecupboard suspects - flour, cocoa, sugar, butter etc. - and some tinned pears. I'm not in the habit of keeping tinned pears on hand, but after seeing the delicious photo in the book, I thought I'd better start.

The recipe involves placing tinned pears in the bottom of a large buttered baking dish, covering them with a chocolate cake batter (all done in the food processor), and baking until it becomes a gooey, crusty, fabulous pudding. It serves 6-8. I made it on a night after work when 3 of us were eating, and thought I'd better halve the recipe so that I wouldn't inhale the entire thing in one go. As a result of this uncharacteristic portion control, I made the puddings in individual 250ml ramekins, with 2 pears per portion.

Tinned pears are surprisingly small and cute!

I served them (as you can see in the first photo), with vanilla ice-cream, and the hot chocolate sauce that accompanies the flourless chocolate brownies in the Workday Winners chapter. (You may recall that I didn't make the sauce when I made those brownies, and I had been regretting it ever since.) It turned out to be a good move - it turned out that I overbaked the puddings slightly, and the sauce rescued them from dryness. But don't let that mislead you; the entire combination was absolutely heavenly.

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  1. I bought the ingredients for this last weekend, and this weekend is nearly over, and it's still not been made! Just as well it's storecupboard ;)

    It looked divine when Nigella made it and yours does too.


  2. I'm definitely buying htis book soon, I had it in my hands yesterday but thought I would wait for a sale so put in back, wonder how long before I cave & just buy it?

  3. and really enjoyed it.
    The chocolate sauce helped a lot!

  4. These look adorable! Hoorah for the humble tinned pear.

  5. Yum, this is definitely on my list of things to make from NE.

    Gemma x

  6. really really nice work you have here!!!!

    i had a post once about the same topic! see it here!

    lets trade links if you want to.. just let me know!
    i'll give you a stumble upon thumbs up for now!

  7. hi, i was looking for this pear and chocolate pudding. can i have the recipe in full?

  8. Anonymous10:49 PM

    (825gm tin pear halves)
    125gm castor sugar
    125gm plain flour
    2 eggs
    1/4tspoon bicarb
    1Tbsp cocoa

    mix the above together - exclude the pears (supposed to do in food processor, but my wooden spoon did the job)

    tin of pears on bottom of lightly butter greased baking dish, flat side down. Pour/spread mix over (doesn't look like it will be enough, but is)
    Bake in preheated oven for 20-25 minutes.

    Cooked it tonight - DELICIOUS! can't wait for tomorrow when I get some icecream for the leftovers!

  9. Anonymous12:37 AM

    Made it for my book club meet. I was an instant hit. Thanks Nigella



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