Cranberry Brownies

8/07/2007 07:02:00 PM

After the turkey dinner, I had quite a few leftovers. Some were microwaved and eaten the next day, others were made into fabulous turkey-cranberry sauce-mayo sandwiches, and others met their sad fate in the rubbish bin. The most exciting result, however, were these cranberry brownies. I found the recipe in The Ultimate Brownie Book (the source of the
coca cola brownies), and thought it would be the most interesting way to use up the remaining cranberry sauce...

The recipe actually needs more cranberry sauce than I had left, so I augmented quantities with a bottle of good-quality store-bought cranberry sauce...

Right. To make cran-tastic brownies, you beat eggs and sugar, add the cranberry sauce, some almond extract, and some chocolate melted with butter.

Then you fold in some flour, baking powder and salt. Spread it into a tin and it is ready for the oven. I added white chocolate chips too, because I had them.
The resultant brownie is quite dense and fudgy, so it's best to leave it to cool in the tin before cutting it up.
The result? Yummy! They were very sweet though (which I guess I should have expected from such a decadent book), and best enjoyed in small pieces. I'm not normally a fan of almond extract, but the subtle bitterness of the extract cut through the sweetness quite nicely. Next time, I'd still cut down on the sugar, and perhaps add some pecans or other nuts to contrast against the brownie's sweet fudginess.

We ate some of the brownies at home, and gave the rest away to workmates. I don't think anyone realised that they had cranberries in them, but they were enjoyed none-the-less.

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  1. Yummy yum yum!
    They look cran-tastic! Hehehehe.

  2. Cran-tastic!! - great phrase. Gorgoeus :)

  3. mmmm. I love cranberries and chocolate! Such a good combo. My fave cookies are Tessa's in Apples for Jam. Yum yummy!

    These look cran-tastic indeed!




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