"Sarah, can you whip up a cake?"

6/20/2007 09:21:00 PM

Yes, yes I can.

Five short days after his birthday, my dear father felt like something sweet and asked (as you may have guessed from the title of this post), if I could whip up a cake.

I still had that bowl of (still) runny chocolate glaze which I didn't use for Dad's birthday cake, and I wanted to use it up. The glaze contained 75g castor sugar, 75g water, 300ml double cream and 300g expensive dark chocolate, and I did NOT want it to go to waste! I think the glaze was supposed to set, but mine stayed liquid even after five days in the fridge. Oh well!

I thought I'd use the icing in place of a regular ganache, and searched through my books for a ganache-topped cake. The winner was Nigella's chocolate marsala cake (How to be a Domestic Goddess). It is a chocolate sponge cake, which has marsala sprinkled over it after coming out of the oven. It was very quick to make, apart from the cooling down-process (which I sped up by shoving it in the fridge), and very, very delicious!

It was deeply chocolatey, without being overpowering or bitter, and still light and fluffy. A definite winner of a recipe. Go Nigella!

We did have about three quarters of the cake leftover, which I took to work the next morning to share with my coworkers. I put it in the staff room when I arrived at 8:30am, and it was gone even before the morning tea break. Hee-hee!

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