Seasoning my frypan

More adventures with carbon steel...

5/21/2007 07:49:00 PM

I read somewhere that the best way to season a pan is simply to cook with it...

On Wednesday night last week, I had a Nigella moment and fashioned a dinner out of leftovers. I cooked the piece of shrink-wrapped kassler that had been sitting, lonely, in my fridge. I'd bought one-too-many pieces the week before for a family dinner and still had to use up the last one. I fried it in my pan for about 15 minutes (greasy food is great for seasoning a pan, don't you know).

Once it was fried, I let it sit in a low oven, and added finely chopped onions and a tin of drained lentils to the pan. Once the onions were cooked and the lentils were warmed, I added a sprinkling of chopped parsley, and dinner was ready.

Possibly not the healthiest meal, but I think it's extremely difficult to make a healthy meal out of what is, essentially, an enormous piece of bacon.

A few nights later I had a quick and delicious supper of scrambled and fried eggs on toasted granary bread.

As for cleaning the pan, I have taken advice from the comments on my last post, and didn't use detergent. When gunky stuff was stuck to the pan, I boiled some water in the pan, which lifted off the food particles, and then wiped it down with a clean sponge. Finally, before storing, I put the pan back on the heat to get it completely dry, and brushed it with a thin layer of vegetable oil.

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  1. My goodness Sarah, what a busy bee you have been! Well done.

    Hope your back will be fully recovered soon.



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