Happy Birthday Uncle Tony!

4/24/2007 12:34:00 PM

Sarah's cake gets the thumbs-up!

A few weeks ago we celebrated my Uncle Tony's birthday at Asiana restaurant in Albert Park, which is a lovely restaurant with great service, a very impressive wine collection and tasy, inventive Asian food. I was honoured to bake the cake for this momentous occasion - Nigella's chocolate espresso cake - which I chose because my Uncle Tony loves a strong latté.

181 Victoria Av
Albert Park 3206 VIC
Phone: (03) 9696 6688

We got a 6-course meal, which involved, unsurprisingly, 6 small courses served one after the other. I only managed to get photos of some the courses,which are all here. Unfortunately, I don't remember what all of the other courses were, but one of them was Peking duck. And it was yum-my!

Prawns in a saffron and almond sauce

Steamed fish.

Long-life noodles and beef

The courses were all very nice, and provided a good variety of tastes and textures. The only problem was that they didn't give you any rice! All of us were seriously craving it throughout the meal, especially because of all the wonderful sauces, which would have been perfect with a nice bowl of rice. Oh well.

As for the cake, it makes a good dessert because it is not too heavy or sweet. I think the flavour improves if you leave the cake in the fridge overnight. For some reason, leaving the icing overnight (which is just made of cream, white chocolate and espresso powder), gives it a fragrant alcoholic taste, as if you'd added expensive liqueur to it. Bonus!

Happy birthday Uncle Tony!

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  1. Yum! I love your blog Sarah :) Can I link to it?

  2. I've made that cake too, it's a pretty birthday cake :)

    Everything else looks great too :)



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