Za'atar Chicken and Fattoush

3/21/2007 03:45:00 PM

Forever Summer was the first of Nigella's books that I ever bought. I think it was not as popular as her others, but it remains one of my favourites. This delicious chicken dish was one that I'd wanted to try for ages, but never quite got around to. Until recently. You simply marinate a chicken in a mixture of za'atar (available from some supermarkets, Middle-Eastern stores, and posh speciality stores), salt and oil, then roast it. While it's cooking, you assemble a salad of tomatoes, spring onions, toasted pita bread, tomatoes, cucumbers, sumac and herbs. Et voilĂ , dinner is served.

Za'atar is a pretty fabulous flavouring for chicken, or any food, for that matter. I recently had za'atar pizzas at a close friend's birthday party and they were an inspired choice. In this dish, the za'atar chicken complements the sour sumac in the salad, together forming a tasty and simple dinner.

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  1. Damn Sarah1 That looks deliciously mouth watering! Mmmmmm...

  2. Hi Sarah, long time no chat! i've missed seeing you around (())

    I love the za'atar chicken and salad, such a summery dish!

    Anna xxx



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