Ice-Cream Sunday 4: Bellini Sorbetto

1/22/2007 01:07:00 PM

I cannot resist a bellini, that wonderful cocktail of white peaches and sparkling wine. Whether in the fabulous original setting, at any random Melbourne bar, or even just at home, they are always welcome and delicious.
This recipe for bellini sorbetto was in my Iced book, and was made with yellow peaches (no thanks!). I decided to use white peaches, and Italian prosecco. Very conveniently, both were extremely cheap at Aldi. Score!

A sorbet is generally made of fruit purée, mixed with sugar syrup and lightly beaten egg whites. For the bellini sorbetto, you poach and then peel the peaches in sugar and water, and then process the flesh with some of the poaching liquid and champagne. You then churn it, adding the egg whites just towards the end of churning. Easy peasy.
I actually had the tub of bellini sorbetto sitting in my freezer for a couple of weeks before I thought to try some. I thought it might be impossible to scoop, but luckily after a short 15 minutes of softening on the bench, it scooped easily. (I've noticed that the fruity and icier varieties of ice-cream tend to set very hard, whereas the creamier ice-creams are generally a bit more co-operative).

It was very refreshing and had a strong fruity peachy flavour. Unsurprisingly, it tastes just like a frozen bellini. I think it would be great as dessert after a heavy meal, as a treat on a hot day, or even as a palate cleanser between courses if you're being a bit posh.

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  1. That looks lovely. About once a year I wish I had an ice cream maker but there are only so many gadgets I can stuff into my kitchen!

    Gemma x

  2. Anonymous8:30 AM

    I just wanted to say that you are f'ing rad. I love to cook as well, and I found your site while looking for Nigella Lawson recipes. Your food looks great and the recipes are very well presented. I have bookmarked your blog (I hope that's not weird for you), and I look forward to future posts!

    Joanne from Texas



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