Coca Cola Cupcakes, Part Deux

5/21/2006 01:56:00 PM

Yesterday, as I was busily potterying about the kitchen making , tuna tataki and steamed rhubarb pudding, I got a text message from my good friend Adriana, whose birthday it was that night.

Something along the lines of...

I'm so stressed out cos my work friends were told they shouldn't bring a cake which was their initial intention and now i have no cake :S

Well, it was Sarah to the rescue with a quick batch of coca-cola cupcakes. Adriana wanted cupcakes, because the club where she was having her birthday does not allow knives or forks.

So, these are exctly the same as the last time, but this time I made a double batch, and waited for the cupcakes to cool down before applying the icing. And as an interesting note, I only made a single quantity of the icing (ran out of icing sugar, you see), but it managed to cover all the cupcakes, with one carefully spread teasponful of icing per cupcake. In fact, I think it works better with slightly less icing, as the icing is quite sticky and messy. Furthermore, both cupcake and icing are sickly sweet. And any more of that sugary, sugary icing would make kids extremely hyper, or induce some sort of hallucinatory dream in adults.

24 cupcakes

I let the icing on the cupcakes set in the fridge, then packed them into a couple of ice-cream containers, and thence into a paper bag for easy transportation. All in all, it took about 1.75 hours to make the cupcakes, including the hour required to bake them (2 batches at 30 minutes each). So it was quite a time-efficient exercise, I must say.

2 boxes

And here we are at the club... eating cupcakes in a club. How novel!

in chaise lounge

cupcake in club

it's a cupcake

hitomi loves cupcakes


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  1. I finallly found a person who shares the same fondness of cupcakes as I do..hehehe
    I'm gonna read your previous posts so I could indulge a little. You have a great blog. I'm gonna get back to baking and post my pics of cupcakes soon. Yours was so refreshing and delightful to see so much cupcake fun!

  2. will be nice if i can have some.......



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