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1/15/2006 02:31:00 AM

I read this in an old article from the Observer, in which they interviewed Nigel Slater (aka my future husband) when he released his autobiography, Toast. It's pretty cool. Nigel rocks my socks.

Stuff I know about cooking

Most of us eat too much.

The first bite of pizza is always the best. Ditto sip of cold beer.

Even the most feted of intellectuals cannot cook if they refuse to apply basic common sense.

Baking a loaf of bread will change the way you think about food. There is something simple, pure and frugal about a home-made loaf, and the feel-good factor is better than a trip to the gym.

I still meet men who never, ever cook. They think it's their wife's job. They are living in the dark ages.

People who are good cooks are often good in bed.

Most of the men-only cooking classes are fully booked.

There is no light so perfect as that which shines from an open fridge door at 2am.

The British are not passionate cooks. We are a nation of recipe followers.

Sometimes I think 'fuck it' and just make myself a bowl of plain steamed rice.

The food in France is on a downward spiral.

All food tastes better when you are ever-so-slightly drunk.

Most chefs prefer their mum's cooking to the bells and whistles stuff they send out to their customers.

Did you see that 6th point? Thank-you Nigel, thank-you. You might have noticed through my blogs that I am a pretty decent cook. HAH!

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