Steak sandwich snack

6/12/2005 04:39:00 PM

Hmmm... this blog has been a bit quiet lately, hasn't it? All the action’s on my How To Eat Blog . Also, I haven’t been working the past couple of weeks to prepare for exams, and we haven't been going out to eat much.

But look what I ate for an afternoon snack today! I had a very small lunch (leftover quails with cabbage), so by 4:00pm, was starving again.

I was just gonna eat the excess grilled eggplant for tonight's dinner, but then I saw the remaining Steak Mirabeau from Wednesday's dinner and decided a steak sandwich was in order. So, 2 slices of olive bread, the eggplant, the sliced up steak and some thin slices of black-pepper cheddah went into the toaster oven and then into my eagerly awaiting mouth.

Steak sandwich

With cheese - ready for toaster

Mmm... this was so incredibly satisfying! By the way, it's not a super-huge sandwich, it was like half a sirloin, and that plate isn't even a full-sized dinner plate, but one of those side-dish bread plate things.

But I still think there must be something wrong with me when my "quick afternoon snack" requires the use of a steak knife...

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