Sake Steak with Rice

4/13/2005 10:16:00 PM

This was dinner tonight. From Nigella's "Ultimate Feasts" in Feast. Despite having read this chapter numerous times, this was the first recipe I made from it. And it was beautiful! I can definitely understand why Nigella cooks this "more often than I cook anything else, bar the roast chicken, in my repertoire". I guess I'd better get cracking on her ultimate roast chicken!

In the morning, Dad and I went to Rendinas Butcher, about which I have waxed lyrical before, and picked up a couple of rather huge rump steaks. Brought them home, and let them marinate in English mustard, soy sauce, garlic oil and Worcestershire sauce.

When I was about to start cooking later on, my dad informed me that Daniel was working, and thus wasn't having dinner with us, so I only grilled one of the steaks, and decided to use some leftover plain rice from the fridge. (Just enough for my parents).

Rump No. 1, on the grill

However, after the steak was cooked and resting, Daniel called to tell us that his shift was cancelled, so he was coming home! So quick as a flash, I whipped out the other steak and put some fresh basmati rice on to cook. But, when he got home he told us that he'd already had KFC because he thought he was going to be working! Grrr... but of course, it smelled so delicious that he had some anyway. (Yes it was all about the deliciousness, nothing to do with me guilt-tripping him!)

It's served with cardomom-scented basmati rice, and a sauce made of sake, soy sauce, fish sauce, Worcestershire sauce and English mustard... Mmmmmm....

I found the sauce a bit salty, but I think that was because I didn't have rice (remember the diet?). Also, a friend of mine who's made this said she found the sauce too Worcestershire saucey. But my family are big fans of Lee & Perrins Worcestershire sauce, so we loved it. (Or as my brother and I hilariously like to call it, "Lee & PERNIS"...)

Sake steak with rice

My own, carb-free portion

A quick, easy yet luxurious supper.

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