Look, if I could cook like Nigella...

12/06/2004 09:51:00 PM

Whenever I would see a fat chef on TV, or in a book, I would usually comment to my dad or brother "Wow. He/she must be a great chef, he/she's so fat!" Then I would usually say "Well, if I could cook like he can, I would also be fat".

I think ages ago Adri might have said to me "Nigella's larger than she looks on the TV, apparently" to which I probably replied "Well, if I could cook like that I would also be fat". Not that I think Nigella's fat, but she certainly is generously proportioned (and completely lovely too!).

Anyway, recently (as you will have noticed) I have been cooking a lot, mainly Nigella's recipes, and consequently eating a lot. And I have gained weight. (Not loads, but I've noticed it). Oh well. I suppose it is a result of becoming better at cooking. And the party season. And we're going to Malaysia this week! I'll have to make an effort to eat healthier once we come home.

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