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Condensed Milk Lemon Slice

10/30/2010 07:10:00 PM

I recently thought that it would be a good idea to have a tin of condensed milk on hand, to have with my coffee.  So, I purchased some condensed milk, and made myself that coffee. Yum yum.  But then, my coffee craving was satiated, and I still had a tin of condensed milk lying around!  I didn't want it go off, but wasn't quite sure what to do with it, until I flipped the tin around and saw this recipe...

Lemon slice!  It used up a whole tin of condensed milk, and I had the rest of the ingredients at home.  Perfect! (Although after I made this lemon slice, I realised that Nigella's blondie recipe in Kitchen also uses a whole tin of condensed milk. And I've wanted to make that one for ages!  D'oh!)

Anyhoo, this one is a bit different from the standard Aussie lemon slice.  It's a shortbready base, covered with a sweet and densely creamy lemon topping. 

You start by mixing 1.5 cups plain flour with 1/2 cup icing sugar and 150g melted butter.  Press it into a tray (I used a 20 x 30cm foil tray - I bought some recently because Nigella has a zillion recipes using foil trays in Kitchen.)...

... and bake for 15 mins in a 180C oven, until golden!

For the topping, you mix a 400gm can of condensed milk, 1 egg, 1 tbs grated lemon rind, 1/2 cup lemon juice, 2 tbs plain flour and 1 tsp baking powder.

Pour it over the shortbread base...

...and bake for 25-30 minutes, or until set.

The recipe says to let it cool in the pan and refrigerate, before eating it.  Y'all know I wasn't gonna do that, haha.  I prised out the slice while it was still warm, dusted it with icing sugar, and sliced it into squares.  On a side note, the foil tray worked really well!  The base was crispy all the way through and there was no greasing or lining required.  (On an environmental note, the trays are recyclable and no detergent is needed to clean them, yay!)

As you can imagine, it was very sweet, so was best enjoyed in small slices with a cup of tea or coffee.  Although there was something very compulsive about it... with its rich, caramelly filling, and crispy base, I found it hard to stop at just one piece!

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  1. I think Aussie Lemon Slice has a pretty similar counterpart in many foods :P

    I've seen versions of this Lemon Slice for a few years now - I've made it once or twice but always seem to overcook the topping! This is the first kind I've seen with condensed milk - maybe that's the trick.

  2. And to think I've always ignored recipes on packets! Shame on me for overlooking caramelly lemony goodness. Thank for the head's up, Sarah! :)

  3. Condensed milk must be one of the best things you can find in the supermarket! I often find there are good recipes on product labels, but it's always the last place you look!

  4. Oh, I'm a sucker for this sort of slice, I love anything lemony and creamy.
    You might like this one too, it's got a crumble topping and is very similar to the one you made:

  5. The good old condensed milk. Actually I don't mind having a slice of that. I should make this since I have loads and loads of lemons.

  6. Melissa5:33 PM

    I was actually looking for an Aussie lemon slice recipe but saw this and decided to make it instead, so glad I did, it is amazing. Great blog too!

  7. Anonymous5:31 PM


  8. Diana7:02 PM

    I just found this recipe after googling it and it was the exact one I was looking for!! I didn't have the usual nestle condensed milk tin which I normally get the recipe from so was hoping it was on the web. Isn't it so yummy? Everyone who tries it think I'm so talented, I haven't told them the secret yet!! And it's good to find another food blog from a chinese Aussie! Love it!

  9. Anonymous12:56 PM

    Thankyou for posting this recipe. I have looked all over the webpage for Nestle and they didnt have it. Its fantastic and so nice for arvo tea!

  10. For someone with a sweet tooth like moi, this is a perfect treat! (I am not the type though to put condensed milk in my coffee...)I love the combination of creamy milk and citrus-y lemon. I will be paying attention to recipes in can labels from now on. Thanks!

  11. Great recipe, and it looks great too.
    I made condensed milk at home and I still have some left

  12. Yum. These bars/cake sound so scrumptious! I love all things lemon. Will have to add this to my todo list.

  13. I love a good lemon slice - these look delicious! I don't remember if i've tried a recipe with condensed milk or not - but i will definitely have to try this one out!

  14. I was just trying to work out how to use up the lemons growing on my tree in the backyard and then BAM i found your blog. Brilliant! I have never thought of using condensed milk in a slice like this, but now i have to try it!!!

  15. Anonymous1:03 PM

    I was trying to find this exact recipe online (had used it once before and could not remember the details).

    Thanks for posting :)

  16. great easy to follow pics and instructions!

  17. Life and Larder4:59 PM

    Add 1/2 a small tin of passionfruit pulp in syrup to the topping. It gets even better!

  18. Sarah, just so you know - Nigella's breakfast bars in 'Express' use a whole tin of condensed milk too and they're seriously delicious and full of goodies.

  19. Anonymous8:26 PM

    Your lemon slices looked so wonderful I baked them last night to bring into work. The funniest thing happened though, I followed the recipe to a T and they look exactly like yours, but when I sliced them and went to pick them up the hats came off all of the shortbread base! I have no idea why this happened! So to save the day I sandwiched the hats back on with a blob of apricot jam, and called them 'Lemon and Apricot Slices'. Everyone loves them, so it's a beautiful disaster I would say! I thought I must tell you because it was such a funny thing to happen!

  20. Anonymous1:25 PM

    This is so easy and delicious. I love the icing sugar in the base, it gives it a crisp texture. This is my new favourite recipe.

  21. is it necessary to allow the base to cool before adding the topping?
    Im in the middle of doing this now, as I'm inpatient I will allow a couple of minutes for cooling but thats it. Ive also added a small handful of chia seeds to make it "healthy" (oh go on, condensed milk is surely negated by chia seeds) Great use of my laden lemon tree. i used 2 lemons for juice and 1 for zest. about to candy the other rind to flick on the top.

    1. Sorry for the delayed response! I don't think you need to let the base cool, as it goes straight back in the oven.

      Hope your slice turned out well! Would be keen to know what the chia seeds were like in there! :)



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