I started little ol' Sarah Cooks in October 2004, when I realised my food obsession just wasn't going away.  At the time, I had a personal blog which my friends read.  It was one of those typical girly pieces of fluff: pictures of friends at nights out, complaining about uni etc.  After a while my posts started becoming more and more food-related, and I decided I should just stop bugging my friends with my food-obsession, and start a proper food related blog. And thus, Sarah Cooks was born.

My very first post was (quelle surprise!) Nigella related - Gooey Chocolate Stack.

And since then I've been blogging regularly, a few times a week. I was mainly blogging about food I cooked at home, and most of my readers at the time were my buddies from the old Nigella.com forum.

In June 2006, I started Sarah Discovers How to Eat, my quest to cook all 395 recipes from Nigella's How to Eat in one year. It was a hugely fun project, and I still love that book and return to it regularly.