About Me

Hi y'all! After 6 years and 708 posts, I finally decided it was time for an About Me page!  So here goes:

I am a Malaysian-Chinese-Australian food lover, living in Melbourne.  I work full time in an industry totally unrelated to my blog, and maintain Sarah Cooks in my spare time.  I am totally obsessed with food, and love cooking, eating, baking and entertaining.  My main food obsessions are traditional German recipes and cookies!  I'm pretty much always planning some new meal or party, or voraciously reading through my many cookbooks and magazines.  I update 2-3 times a week, and my posts are a mixture of home-cooked food, baking experiments, and restaurant and cafe reviews. After 6 years of blogging, I still love it, and can’t see myself stopping any time soon!

Outside of my blog, I love travel, studying languages, musicals, movies and good TV.  I am currently loving Outsourced, Desperate Housewives, GleeThe Big Bang Theory, Law and Order: SVU, Mad Men and Community.

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xox Sarah