Friday, July 25, 2008


I drove a great deal out of my way, from Kikki K Doncaster Shoppingtown, all the way to Kikki K Malvern Central, just because I really, really wanted a set of these impossibly cute heart-shaped stickers (happy Love day, everybody!), and the Doncaster shop had sold out. Am I a slave to consumerism or simply passionate about Swedish design? I like to think that I'm the latter.

Anyway, after I fought my way through the heavy school-time traffic of Glenferrie Road, and got my hands on those fabulous stickers, I thought that I'd better make my trip worth my while. I stopped into Glick's for some challah. How I love their challah. Heads up - they bake on a Thursday, so this is the best day of the week to stop in. I know they've got amazing bagels, breads, donuts, savouries and more, but I can never go past their delicious challah. My dad loves it too, so I thought it would be nice to share it.

As I was driving back, every time I stopped the car I would break off a little piece to eat. And remembering that I was driving down Glenferrie road in school traffic, I ended up eating about half the loaf. Whoops!

I love it plain and fresh, but after a couple of days, it's good toasted with jam... made into French toast.. whatever. YUM!


Lisa said...

It looks wonderful!
But this is why my step-dad used to buy *two* loaves of bread every Saturday morning. One to nibble on in the car, & the other arrived home safely intact!

stickyfingers said...

Oh yeah - it's just too easy to inhale Challah. I used to live around the corner from Glicks in Balaclava and was too often tempted ;)

Kevin said...

im not sure whats better..

challah or sippets..

both are equally as good.. and jewish.. so no calories!

Laura @ Hungry and Frozen said...

I. Love. Challah.

Which is why I never buy it. I'd end up eating the whole thing at once, buttered liberally :)

Gemma said...

Mmmmmm challah... I love it as it is, spread thickly with nutella, or as french toast - these are all my reasons for not buying it regularly!

Gemma x

Jules said...

Yep, Challah is the best. In fact, there is a facebook group 'Nothing beats a warm Glick's challah'. Which is ture. I'm Jewish, so I get to have it every Friday night, without fail! I heard there is a Nigella recipe ?trifle that uses challah as a base. Is that true?

My Coles (across the road from Glick's Malvern) also sells challah and bagels - yay - so I can buy it in my weekly shop!

Ross Hill said...

Hi Sarah,

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Cheers, Ross