Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Good Evening all!

Welcome to the new, improved Sarah Cooks! I hope you like it.

New features to Sarah Cooks are "Coffee of the Week" and the "Slideshow" in the sidebar. The coffee in question is currently a lovely latte from Sweet Source, and the drool-worthy slideshow is of our Kaiseki meal at an inn in Nikko.

Special thanks to Sandra for all the HTML and design work!

xox Sarah


Ilana said...

Hey, cool blog header!!! :)


Kevin said...

Why :(

Lisa said...

Lisa R. gives it two thumbs up, too.

Vida said...

I have been reading your blog for YEARS and you are still 23???? How about a birthday!?!?!? Otherwise I will change my blog to read I am 23!!! Maybe it just feels like I have know you for years when in fact it is barely months... V x

Sarah said...

Thanks Ilana and Lisa!!

Oh Kevin! I thought you liked my posts for the content, not their appearance!! :( Now I'm sad, lol.

Vida -

My 23rd Birthday at Tutto Bene in 2007
My 22nd Birthday at The Brasserie in 2006
My massive 21st Birthday Cake in 2005
My 21st Birthday Party at 16 Ellis St in 2005

So yes, that does mean that my 24th birthday is coming up soon! *HINTS TO EVERYBODY*

xox Sarah

Lisa said...

Oh, yeah! I remember that big "21st Birthday Conspiracy" party! That cake was awesome.

Laura @ Hungry and Frozen said...

Looks fab :) v classy.

Sarah Nicole said...

Hey it looks very cool!