Sunday, March 26, 2006

The wonderful word of food blogging...

Hello hello hello...

You might have noticed that I like to blog. I also like to read food blogs, and here is a small selection of my favourite food blogs, that I read regularly and enjoy. There will be more to come, eventually, but for now I hope you enjoy browsing through this selection!

xox Sarah


A Few of My Favourite Things!, by Cindy. A collection of culinary adventures and discoveries.

Tomato, by Ed.

The Breakfast Blog, by Jamie. In search of the best eggs in town

Esurientes - The Comfort Zone, by Niki. In amongst a new librarianship career and performing Early Music, I'm exploring the world of cooking, baking, restaurants and photography from my home in Melbourne, Australia. I know I've now reached fanatical stage, because I've started keeping a stack of cookbooks on my bedside table for light reading...

the apprentice patissier. confessions of a thirtysomething apprentice patissier in melbourne, australia

Vicious Ange, by Ange. Diary of an addict of luscious food, fabulous wine and all things decadent.

Caper Berry Gravy, by Belinda. Australia is a fantastic place. Here is my introduction to the eateries and things to do in Melbourne, and wherever my travels lead me. I also like to cook when I can!



Grab Your Fork, by Helen in Sydney. because life is one long buffet table

Gourmet Addict, by Lushlife in Brisbane. One of my life's passions and my other hobby... preparing food for my loved ones.


When Ilana met Pantry, by Ilana in New York. Cooking my way through Tom Norrington-Davies' Cupboard Love... and trying to stay sane in the process. -- 175 recipes in 6 months!

Cookbook Addict, by Julie in France. “Vegetables are a must on a diet. I suggest carrot cake, zucchini bread, and pumpkin pie.” Jim Davis, 'Garfield'

She Who Eats, by Chika in Japan. This girl has AMAZING photos!

FooDcrazEE, by Michael in Malaysia. A Sanguine who loves to cook and else did you think the nick comes from ?

Mana Makan - The Feast Crusade, by Stephanie in Singapore. Me. Stephanie. Single workaholic chick. In my 30s, work in the arts and I dance. Suffice to say, the brain and body takes a bit of beating. Lucky to get lunch catered at work but dinner's a bugger. I have a sneaky suspicion my arteries are miming being completely choked up from eating out all the time. So, here's the Holy Trail ... the Feast Crusade. To cook delicious yet healthy food in an hour or less. Weekends are exempt when it's all out since I think I deserve it. Wok on!

And of course, the original "let's cook a whole book" blog...

The Julie/Julia Project, by Julie in New York. Nobody here but us servantless American cooks...

I've read the book, and enjoyed it, but I do think that the original blog is the best way to enjoy Julie's project.

And you guys thought that procrastination was just a hobby for me... hrmph!


fooDcrazEE said...

thanx for the honour! so far so good, lots of great post u had and keep more coming pleaseeeeeeeeeee!

MM said...

Wow, thanks so much for the mention! I'm very flattered and humbled!

markii said...

oooo awesome links!

I'm reading through the other blogs now.. :)

Belinda said...

Hi, Sarah. Thanks for mentioning me... it's nice to know I'm being read! :)

Ilana said...

hey sweetie thanks for the mention!!! :)))
hope i'm making you proud. ;)