Saturday, March 18, 2006

The Sydney Weekend: One more hungover (non-bills) breakfast

Well, I wasn't really "hungover", just super-tired. I have no idea why we got a room with a 10am checkout the day after the Mardi Gras parade, giving our whole group about 4 hours of sleep each. Sheesh.

Anyway, for our last breakfast for our Sydney '06 trip, I obviously wanted bills. The closest one, bills on Crown street, Surry Hills, had a 45 minute wait. And we were starving! Grrr..

So we walked slightly down the hill on the same street, and came across another little cafe, called Vesbar. It was nice and quiet and dark in there, with retro Italian scooter-inspired decor.




And all we wanted was variations on the "bacon and eggs plus extras" theme, with coffee/tea/hot chocolate.





more breakfasts

more breakfasts

Yum, yum, yum. I had a little dish of ricotta with my scrambled eggs and bacon, which was divine!

The coffee was good, the vibe was relaxed, and the eggs and bacon were fantastic. It was just what we needed. Can you believe it, I didn't miss bills at all. Shh...

Josh: That was honestly the best cooked breakfast I've ever had.



markii said...

Oishisou yo ne! ^^

Jamie Wodetzki said...

if you ate here, then you were within spitting distance of fifi foveaux's, also down the road on crown street, which does excellent creamy scrambled eggs.