Sunday, August 07, 2005

Chocolate Malteaser Cake II

Last night a bunch of us had dinner at Nyonya on Lygon Street, to celebrate my friend Adriana's graduation.

I made a Chocolate Malteaser Cake for her, as it is her favourite of all the chocolate cakes I've ever made (and I have made a lot, hehe!). She tells me she loves the malty taste.

Malteaser Cake, Adriana & I

Now, about the cake itself - I also love its malty taste (courtesy of delicious Horlicks) and light texture (baking powder and bicarb), but this time it turned out a bit dry around the edges. I think I had it in the oven slightly too long. Also, the quantity of icing, as specified by the recipe, barely covers the cake, so the first time I made it, I had to add a second round of malteasers to fill in the gaps. This time, I just made more icing, but still added a second crown of malteasers, because it makes it look more impressive.

It went down well, especially for the lovely Bernard who had two slices.

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    markii said...

    That looks soooo amazing.

    My God.

    That is so full on! So much effort!

    I'm just impressed.